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  • Founder and CEO Northwest Battle Buddies: 2012-present
  • Founder and Owner of Man's Best Friend Dog Training: 1997-present
  • Founder and Owner of Shannon Walker, LLC
  • Founder and Owner of Top Dog Academy
  • Executive Director of ASDPMV (Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans): 2023-present
  • Member of ASDPMV (Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans): 2017-present
  • Board Member of ASDAC (American Service Dog Access Coalition)
  • Standards Committee Member: 2019-present
  • Members Committee Member: 2019-present
  • IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) Member
  • TEDx Speaker on PTSD and Service Dogs: Beneath The Surface 2019 (view below)
  • Frequent Contributor to nationally-syndicated News Radio Stations on the subject of Service Dogs: Ongoing
  • Works with local police departments to assist with Police K9 training: 2002-present



Shannon Walker has been recognized across the Pacific Northwest as one of the top canine professional dog trainer and behavior modification experts. Experienced in dog psychology, pack order and dog instinct, Shannon brings the very best out of the human/canine experience. Thousands of people and dogs, including multiple police departments have benefited from the expertise and devotion that Shannon Walker delivers.

Shannon was introduced to Schutzhund, a European canine sport that tests a dog’s tracking, obedience, and protection skills. Shannon learned how to train dogs using this method, under the tutelage of 1988 World Schutzhund Champion Gene England, owner of the renowned Advanced Canine Academy in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

While continuing to work with world-class trainers, Shannon competed and titled at local, regional, national, and international levels for 10 years, winning the 2003 European Championship in Diest, Belgium.

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My dad served during the Korean War and was the first patriot I ever knew. He taught me to believe in God, Family, and Country. In the presence of a Veteran, you are in the presence of a Hero, even though he never considered himself one. It was this established belief system that led me to found Northwest Battle Buddies in 2012.

In my simple-minded thinking, I thought, 'If I can adopt dogs out of shelters, I can gift them to Veterans and say 'Thank you for my freedom,' in a significant life-changing way. It is my honor to serve the men and women who have fought for MY freedom…YOUR freedom. Where would we be without those who have provided it through their selfless sacrifice and service to not only our country but to every American who has had the privilege of being born into this amazing country.

It is my mission and the mission of the entire NWBB team to continue to serve our American Heroes by providing them professionally trained service dogs. In every class of Veterans that we serve, we tell them, 'It is our hope that the day before you meet your service dog, it’s your last worst day. And the day that you meet your service dog, it’s your best first day.' That sentence has been proven to be true so far… 200+ times.

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Dedicated to my Father

A Daughter's Tribute


My father Glenn Walker, served in the United States Air Force, an Airman 2nd Class from 06-30-54 thru 12-02-57. I wrote the quote below when I was twelve years old and framed it as a gift for my father. On December 20th, 2011, I lost my seventy-five-year-old father, whom I had been serving, loving, and had the honor of taking care of during his last days.

My dad was a strong man who lived with integrity and conviction, cherishing God, Family, and Country. I can't express how grateful I am to be his daughter, and my life's mission remains making him proud. We were incredibly close, speaking daily. He guided me with wisdom, love, and a deep appreciation for America and those who serve, fought, and died protecting this great Nation, preserving the freedom that every American enjoys today. Having him as my father was a true gift, and his strength and influence are deeply missed every day. Even as a twelve-year-old writing my Father's Day tribute, I knew how fortunate I was.

I am eternally grateful to God for the priceless gift that was given to me. To be raised by a Godly man, a patriot, devoted to his family, a true American. I will forever love my father, miss my father and strive to make him proud.

To My Dad on Fathers Day... Thanks For: A love so sincere, encouraging me, believing in me, being strong with me. You are the best of the best.
I love you, Shannon

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