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“I’m proud to be a handler with Northwest Battle Buddies. It took a little time. But the bond I have with my battle buddy is unbelievable. He has alerted me several times about anxiety attacks. Which, in the long run, has helped me be a better dad to my kids “

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Service Dogs

Northwest Battle Buddies’ service dogs provide safety and independence, alleviating the isolation and hyper-vigilance common in PTSD. They help Veterans go to places they'd avoid alone, wake them from nightmares, and stop panic attacks. Similar to medical alert dogs, they detect adrenaline spikes during anxiety or fear episodes. Our service dogs offer safety and act as social barriers and can even provide balance assistance. Studies show that the Veteran will experience oxytocin peaks within minutes of pressure therapy from their service dog. Oxytocin can have a powerful effect. It can lower the heart rate and blood pressure and may also lead to reduced levels of stress, enhancing the overall well-being of our American heroes.

Northwest Battle Buddies’ service dogs undergo a minimum of 360 hours of rigorous training, enabling them to perform a wide range of tasks to assist Veterans in managing PTSD symptoms. This training is completed before the dogs are specifically paired with their Veterans, with an additional five weeks of specialized training.

Empowering Veterans to regain their freedom and independence

Our service dogs are trained to provide constant support to their Veterans in real-life stress-inducing situations . They assist during everyday activities like grocery shopping, navigate crowded malls, accompany Veterans through TSA and airport procedures, and offer support on public transportation. These dogs become a lifeline to freedom and independence.


Northwest Battle Buddies Service Dogs are specifically trained to perform essential tasks mitigating the symptoms of PTSD

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Signal and interrupt anxiety attacks

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flash backs

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pressure therapy

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Provide a constant feeling of safety

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Social Barrier
in Public

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Alert on

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“Having him has changed my life. Seemingly simple things, like sleeping or being in public spaces, felt so out of reach for me before having my service dog.”

NWBB Veteran

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“It maximized everything… I can get out so much more. Before, I had so much anxiety, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t deal with large groups of people.”

NWBB Veteran

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