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Operation Never Quit

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Operation Never Quit (ONQ) is an unwavering monthly commitment to support our American Heroes battling PTSD by providing them with professionally trained life-changing service dogs. We stand by them 24/7, and we invite you to stand with us.

Operation Never Quit (ONQ)

Every day, Veterans who battle with PTSD suffer from debilitating symptoms or thoughts of ending their own lives.

NWBB Service Dogs mitigate PTSD symptoms and help these Veterans regain their freedom and independence.


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Joining ONQ is a pledge to honor and support our Veterans who've fought for our country and for whom the battle is never-ending.

We urge you to join us with a minimum monthly donation of $22

signifying the number of Veteran suicides that occur daily on American soil.

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Be part of a mission that makes a difference in the lives of our American Heroes. Brave men and women who sacrificed for our freedom and who never quit! We the people must never quit on them!

ONQ is your opportunity to say "Thank You" to our Veterans every month.

-not only for our freedom, but for the immense sacrifices our Veterans continue to endure even after wearing the uniform. Your ongoing monthly support makes a tangible impact in the life of an American Hero!


The inspiration for Operation Never Quit (ONQ) comes from Michael, an American hero who has discovered hope and healing through the companionship of River, his NWBB service dog.

Michael's Story

Exactly one year prior to getting River, to the date, I attempted to take my own life.

The pressure became too much. The vertigo and headaches from my TBI were excruciating. I felt like a failure, worthless…. Why was I spared over the husbands, fathers and friends I served with that didn’t come home? The guilt was too much to handle. I tried all the meds…they did nothing. Drinking became my numbing agent, that only made things so much worse… 3 years no booze now..

The hardest part is 10 years later, I still get calls telling me another army brother has taken his own life. These were some of the toughest men, fathers and sons I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. The pressure was too much. My hyper-vigilance made me feel like every rooftop had a sniper and every trash bag on the road was an IED. My innocence was stolen from me at 18 when I had to kill or be killed for the first time.

Michael River ONQ woods

During my attempt I had everything. I bought my first house, just got married to the love of my life a couple months before all this, makes no sense, I know… I should’ve been on cloud nine. But my PTSD took over that day. I was having a bad day to start because I had just lost another friend. So I said f*ck it!


I drank down a 24-pack of beer, pulled my hidden Remington 870 out of the attic…put down a tarp…grabbed a chair…put the barrel in my mouth, tears were rushing down my face as I was thinking about my wife and family and what I was about to do to them. Now I move my finger to the trigger. As I do this, Lindsay comes in to check on me. Her jaw dropped, and without skipping a beat she used unreal strength to get the rifle from me. She saved my life!!


After this she put me into a PTSD program that I went to twice.

And then she found Northwest Battle Buddies. Now she can relax somewhat.

I have River, who is now saving me daily...

Michael’s incredible journey alongside his service dog, River, is why Operation Never Quit's monthly giving plays a crucial role in transforming the lives of our Veterans.

This image was taken the day that Michael first met his NWBB service dog, River.

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Join us on our mission to make a difference in the lives of our American Heroes. Our Veterans never quit and they never gave up… neither will we!

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