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I would like to thank you for your selfless dedication and service for our nation. It is the reason that Northwest Battle Buddies was conceived and founded. We look forward to serving you.

Shannon Walker

Shannon Walker, Founder & CEO


Professionally Trained Northwest Battle Buddies Service Dogs perform several unique tasks that help mitigate and manage the debilitating symptoms of PTSD;

  • Wake their Veteran from nightmares
  • Signal and interrupt anxiety attacks
  • Redirect flash backs
  • Alert on adrenaline
  • Act as a social barrier in public
  • Provide a constant feeling of safety
  • Perform pressure therapy

Service dogs become a vital source of comfort, allowing Veterans to carry on with their lives with renewed confidence and resilience.

Service Dog
Dog Service Team

The impact of a service dog is immeasurable.

Many of our incoming Veterans rely on prescribed medications. After receiving their service dog, and under the supervision of their healthcare provider, most or our Veterans report reduced or eliminated dependency on these medications. This achievement often becomes their greatest triumph.

Immediate and noticeable improvements occur when Veterans receive a service dog as a result of Northwest Battle Buddies’ training program which requires engagement with the community. With their service dog’s assistance, Veterans manage and overcome social anxieties, and become more engaged with their families and others.

The true impact of a service dog on a Veteran’s life, their family, and the community is immeasurable. By regaining control of their lives with the help of their service dogs, everyone prospers.

Hear stories of Veterans who have regained their freedom and independence with the support of a Northwest Battle Buddies Service dog.

Dog Service Team

What is a Veteran team?

A Northwest Battle Buddies Veteran Team is the partnership between a highly professionally trained service dog and a Veteran battling PTSD. Certification as a team is achieved once both the service dog and the veteran successfully complete the required training. These exceptional dogs are specifically trained to perform essential tasks for individuals struggling with the symptoms of PTSD, offering valuable assistance, including emotional redirection and calming support during anxiety attacks.


To become certified as a team, both the dogs and veterans undergo at least 70 hours of training together under the supervision of certified dog handling professionals from NWBB. This team training complements the dogs' extensive service training. During this period, the veterans have the opportunity to deepen their bond with the dogs while familiarizing themselves with each other's needs and capabilities in various potentially challenging environments.

The veteran and dog teams navigate real-life situations that may induce stress, such as grocery shopping, crowded malls, TSA and airports, and public transportation. Many veterans with PTSD face isolation and struggle to carry out everyday tasks outside their homes. The dogs provide invaluable support and companionship, empowering the teams to step outside their comfort zones.

Dog Service Team
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